About Us

Our Why

Oregon Spinal Cord Injury Connection (OSCI) exists to build community and create opportunities for people affected by spinal cord injury. Those who sustain an injury have an arduous life-long journey of adapting to paralysis, staying healthy, and rebuilding their life while personally coping with social stigma, systemic oppression against disabilities, and navigating a built environment that often isn’t created for individuals with disabilities. A spinal cord injury (SCI) creates a tremendous physical, emotional, psychological and financial burden on their families and communities. OSCI helps those with a spinal cord injury thrive.


We promote health, build community and create opportunity for people affected by spinal cord injury. Our goal is to ensure everyone who sustains a spinal cord injury has the care and community they need to thrive.


Experience the power of change. Thrive with a spinal cord injury. We envision a community that has overcome the adversity of spinal cord injury and emerged united as a stronger, connected force for an inclusive world.


Advocacy – creating space for others to be known, heard, and seen

Collaboration – building meaningful and strategic partnerships

Compassion – creating community to mend the trauma of spinal cord injury

Equity – ensuring those who are oppressed can thrive

Innovation – adapting to achieve our mission

Who We Are

Oregon Spinal Cord Injury Connection (OSCI) is a 501c3 nonprofit based in Portland, OR founded and lead by members of the spinal cord injury community. Prior to 2014, Oregon had no organizations explicitly dedicated to supporting and advocating for people with a spinal cord injury, despite the tremendous physical, emotional, psychological and financial burden it imparts. In December 2015, Oregon Spinal Cord Injury Connection (OSCI) was formed to fill that void and improve the quality of life for the thousands of people in Oregon living with a SCI.

Meet Our Team

What We Do

We employ community health workers with spinal cord injuries to assist members of our community to navigate the health and social service systems to get the services and resources they need to thrive. We host meet-ups, educational forums, support groups, adaptive camping events, wheelchair maintenance workshops, and storytelling workshops. The core of our organization are our community health workers, who offer intensive peer support for any member of the SCI community.

Upcoming Events

Who We Serve

We serve Oregon and SW Washington. Anyone affected by spinal cord injuries, including families, friends, caregivers, partners. We also offer consultation to health care providers.

Our Partners

Craig H Neilsen Foundation
QUAD Inc Logo
Oregon Health Authority
AllCare Health
Rogue Action Center
Numotion Foundation
Oregon State Parks
Talent Maker City
The Roundhouse Foundation
Washington County
Care Oregon
Marie Lamfrom Chairtable Foundation

Plus many generous donors in our community!

Contact us

Oregon Spinal Cord Injury Connection

PO BOX 17516
Portland, OR 97217

Email: contact@oregonsci.org