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We are a 501c3 nonprofit founded and led by members of the spinal cord injury community. In December 2015, Oregon Spinal Cord Injury Connection (OSCI) was formed to  improve the quality of life for the thousands of people in Oregon living with a SCI.

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Yvonne’s Story

In Yvonne's story she shares how her spinal cord injury affected the way she viewed herself. An avid runner, she struggled to adjust to life without running as an outlet for stress and anxiety. Hear about her journey to acceptance and how she navigated the self-doubt and uncertainty that accompanies a spinal cord injury. Today [...]

Brook’s Story

In Brook's story she shares how a series of decisions led to a life-changing injury. Her resulting paralysis helped her to unearth hidden strengths. She discovered her capacity for patience, her tenacity, and her confidence. Over the years, facing unimaginable challenges, she has cultivated her adaptability and her resilience. Our Stories page includes snapshots of [...]

Brad’s Story

In Brad's story he shares his education journey from lackluster high school student to veteran and lawyer. Social stigma, discrimination, and ableism are real hurdles faced by the spinal cord injury community. Together, we advocate for inclusion and opportunity for the disability community. Our Stories page includes snapshots of the lives of those in the [...]

Casey’s Story

In Casey's story he shares how he sustained his spinal cord injury over 20 years ago when he was 20 years old and how it changed his life. Casey joined the Oregon Spinal Cord Injury Connection Board of Directors in August 2019. He is an OSCI Community Health Worker and an active community advocate and [...]

West’s Story

West's Story is the experience of someone living with a spinal cord injury. SCI is unlike many other disabilities because everyone's experience is unique, but we face similar struggles. Together, in community, we can find the empathy and support we need to thrive. Our Stories page includes snapshots of the lives of those in the [...]

Zachary S

Art has never been as important for Zachary as is it now.   Between cooking professionally and building a portfolio as an aspiring artist, Zachary was just living life and going about his day to day. That all changed instantly when a drunk driver rear ended his car one night leaving him paralyzed from the [...]

Johnny Wheels

Johnny Wheels keeps the music rockin with his band Swamp Donkeys even after his SCI.   Born into a family of musicians, Johnny had been playing guitar, drums, and bass from a very young age. After his injury, he set out to learn how he could continue playing music. He tried taping drum sticks to […]

Francisco E

Francisco is growing professionally after his spinal cord injury as a community health worker for Oregon Spinal Cord Injury Connection.   Before 2007 Francisco was self admittedly hanging out with the wrong crowd. “I was bad”. That was all about to change. A night of partying and a few fateful decisions resulted in Francisco being […]

Bryanna S

Bryanna is in her element as a loving mom after a spinal cord injury.   Before her accident, Brianna had been thriving at her job in hiring and training. She felt everything was going well. That is until “I started going down a dark road and got involved with some old friends who didn’t have […]

Anna S

Anna still enjoys the beautiful places she has always loved.   After having a lifestyle consisting of physical motion and incredible vistas Anna was afraid her spinal cord injury would keep her from old passions. “The fear of suddenly losing the ability to reach my favorite remote and wild places was synonymous with the loss […]

Aaryn C

As a child Aarynn was diagnosed with cerebral palsy but later in adulthood, it was discovered that her disability stemmed from a malformed spinal cord or an injury to the spine as an infant.   “I have always been someone with an apparent physical disability. As a child and into my thirties I was able […]

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“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelo

The SCI community is full of individuals overcoming adversity and thriving. Seeing others succeed and a “frequent dose of community” can make the transition to the new normal after a spinal cord injury easier. Share your story to help others see what’s possible.

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