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Grants & Loans

There are various grants and loan programs available for the SCI community throughout Oregon and SW Washington. All the programs listed have different criteria and application processes so please visit their individual websites for more comprehensive information. This list is intended to provide basic information to help you determine which programs could be right for you.

If you have any questions or suggestions of other programs we can add to this list, please contact us.

Grant Programs

high5 logo

High Fives Foundation

Eligible Uses: Adaptive outdoor adventure sports equipment

Open Dates: Cycle 1-January 1st, Cycle 2-May 1st, Cycle 3-August 1st

Close Dates: Cycle 1-January 31st, Cycle 2-May 31st, Cycle 3-August 31st

Application Frequency: Every 2 years

Link to Apply: https://highfivesfoundation.org/grant-application/

$5000. Over 5k MUST include a letter of recommendation from an expert in the field confirming skill, commitment, and passion for the sport

Eligible Applicants:

Cycle 1 – Open to those injured in outdoor adventure sports* AND wounded veterans pursuing outdoor adventure sports.

Cycle 2 – Open to those injured in outdoor adventure sports.

Cycle 3 – Open to those injured in outdoor adventure sports* AND wounded veterans who wish to pursue outdoor adventure sports* AND those injured in inertia-based accidents who wish to pursue outdoor adventure sports.

CAF logo

Challenged Athletes Foundation

Eligible Uses: 

  • Sports Expense – Funds toward Training, Coaching, Travel, or minor equipment purchases
  • Equipment – Adaptive equipment from a CAF-preferred vendor
  • Funding toward Equipment – Funds for Adaptive equipment from a vendor not on the CAF-preferred list
  • Athletic Prosthetic – Össur lower limb athletic prosthetics

Open Date: September 1st

Close Date: November 5th

Application Frequency: Every 2 years

Link to Apply: https://www.challengedathletes.org/grants/

Sports Expense: $500-1000

Equipment: Price determined between CAF and vendor

Funding toward equipment: $500-2500

Athletic Prosthetic: List of prosthetics determined by CAF and Ossur

Eligible Applicants: Open to all challenged athletes

kelly brush logo

Kelly Brush Foundation

Eligible Uses: Any piece of sports or recreation equipment specifically designed for people with disabilities that allow an applicant to be active.

Open Date: January 1st

Close Date: February 1, 2022

Application Frequency: Every 2 years

Link to Apply: https://kellybrushfoundation.org/theactivefund/


Eligible Applicants: Individuals with paralysis caused by spinal cord injury who reside in the US.

will2walk logo

Will to Walk

Eligible Uses: Applicants may submit a scholarship application to cover part or all of the cost for products and services such as educational assistance, medical supplies, sports equipment, personal growth & development, therapy and transportation.

Open Date: January 1st

Close Date: Mid-Year Cycle – May 1st, End-Year Cycle – Oct 1st

Application Frequency: One per Year

Link to Apply: https://will2walk.org


Eligible Applicants: Applicants must have a traumatic spinal cord injury due to single, catastrophic event.

GoHawkeye logo - 1080x1080 (1)

Go Hawkeye

Eligible Uses: Outdoor sports equipment and sports experience grants.

Open Date: January 1st

Close Date: Cycle 1 – May 1st, Cycle 2 – November 1st

Application Frequency: Every 2 years

Link to Apply: https://gohawkeye.org/

Amount based on available funds.

Eligible Applicants: Open to adaptive individuals and organizations in the United States and consists of outdoor sports equipment and sports experience grants.

walkingwithanthony logo

Walking with Anthony

Eligible Uses: Rehab, Caregiving, Special Equipment, and Emergency Funds

Open Date: Rolling Basis

Close Date: Rolling Basis

Application Frequency: Rolling Basis

Link to Apply: https://walkingwithanthony.org/

Based on need.

Eligible Applicants: WE PROVIDE DIRECT AND IMMEDIATE ASSISTANCE to individuals and families through our grant programs, including Rehab, Caregiving, Special Equipment, and Emergency Funds

k2 adventures logo

K2 Adventures

Eligible Uses: Special Equipment, Services or Funding to aid in recovery or functioning

Open Date: Applications review Quarterly

Close Date: Applications review Quarterly

Application Frequency: Quarterly

Link to Apply: https://k2adventures.org/wp-content/uploads/2019/12/K2AF-Application-2019.pdf


Eligible Applicants: Those who face obstacles due to disabilities or limitations have an opportunity to receive our assistance. If you, someone you know or a program needs special equipment, services or funding to aid in recovery or functioning, you can make a request or refer them to K2 Adventures Foundation for award consideration.

team possabilities logo

Team PossAbilities

Eligible Uses: Equipment to improve quality of life, Accessibility grants (Not to exceed $4,000), Educational scholarships (Not to exceed $5,000), Travel to and/or participation in adaptive sporting events, Other needs specific to the disabled population

Open Date: June 1st

Close Date: July 31st

Application Frequency: Annual

Link to Apply: https://teampossabilities.org/grants-scholarships/


Eligible Applicants: Any member of PossAbilities may apply. A PossAbilities member is anyone with a disability who submits an application for membership and is enrolled in the program. A friend or family member may also apply on behalf of a PossAbilities member, as long as the PossAbilities member is willing to sign a release of liability if selected to receive support.

triumph foundation

Triumph Foundation

Eligible Uses: Adaptive Equipment for activities of daily living, make Home Modifications for wheelchair accessibility, enable the Return to Work reintegrating back into the community, and maintain Therapeutic Activities for health and wellness

Open Date: Rolling basis. Reviewed every 30-90 days.

Close Date: Rolling basis. Reviewed every 30-90 days.

Application Frequency: Reviewed every 30-90 days.

Link to Apply: https://triumph-foundation.org/outreach/grants-and-equipment/


Eligible Applicants: Triumph’s Keep Moving Forward (KMF) Grant is for people with spinal cord injury that have limited financial capability to help them triumph over obstacles they face and enhance their quality of life. Applicants must be citizens of the United States of America, with priority given to Southern California residents.

Wheelchairs4Kids logo - 1080x1080

Wheelchairs for Kids

Eligible Uses: Wheelchairs, Vehicle Modifications, Home Modifications, Assistive Devices

Open Date: Rolling basis.

Close Date: Rolling basis.

Application Frequency: Rolling basis.

Link to Apply: http://wheelchairs4kids.org/about/whatwedo/

Based on need.

Eligible Applicants: The child must be under the age of 21 and have a member of their medical team verify their medical condition and mobility needs.

team catapult logo


Eligible Uses: Competition Fees, Transportation and Lodging Costs, Adaptive Sports Equipment Purchases, Coaching and Training Fees

Open Date: Rolling basis.

Close Date: Rolling basis.

Application Frequency: Rolling basis.

Link to Apply: https://www.teamcatapult.org/grant-program/

Based on need.

Eligible Applicants: Catapult’s annual grant program provides financial and equipment grants to visually impaired and mobility impaired athletes for costs related to gaining access to and competing in the world of adaptive sports


Blanche Fischer Foundation

Eligible Uses: The Foundation makes direct grants on behalf of Oregonians with physical disabilities. The aid may relate directly to the disability or toward fostering personal independence.

Open Date: Rolling basis.

Close Date: Rolling basis.

Application Frequency: 3 years

Link to Apply: http://bff.org/

Eligible Applicants: Direct grants to Oregonians living with a disability and may be used towards aid directly in relation to their disability or to fostering independence.

Loan Programs

logo (2)

NW Access Fund

Eligible Uses: Our loans can be used to purchase assistive technology, adapted vehicles, and home modifications.

Application Date: Rolling basis.

Link to Apply: https://www.nwaccessfund.org/

Fixed 5% interest rate with no fees.

  • Up to $25,000 and a 5-year term available for most kinds of assistive technology
  • Up to $40,000 and a 10-year term available for adapted vehicles and home modifications. A 10% down payment is required for adapted vehicle loans.

Eligible Applicants: Washington and Oregon residents of all ages with disabilities of all types, including seniors with age-related functional limitations, are eligible.

nw access fund logo

Loan Closets

Loan closets provide free and low-cost medical equipment on a long-term loan basis. Equipment provided includes manual and electric wheelchairs, scooters, lifts, walkers, canes, hospital beds, bathroom equipment, and more.

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