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Brad’s Story

Life After Spinal Cord Injury

In Brad’s story he shares his education journey from lackluster high school student to veteran and lawyer. Brad’s life after spinal cord injury is filled with real hurdles like social stigma, discrimination, and ableism that faced by many in the spinal cord injury community. Together, we advocate for inclusion and opportunity for the disability community.

Our Stories page includes snapshots of the lives of those in the spinal cord injury community. SCI is life-changing, but those connected to community are the most likely to thrive. No one anticipates having a spinal cord injury. There is no cure, and few are prepared for such a catastrophic change. But there is hope. There are others who are on a similar journey.

Brad’s Story is just one person’s journey, but it highlights many of the fears, struggles, and doubts those with a spinal cord injury often face.

SCI is unlike many other disabilities because everyone’s experience is unique, but we face similar struggles. Together, in community, we can find the empathy and support we need to thrive.

Oregon Spinal Cord Injury Connection helps to fan the flames of resilience and map a plan to health and hope. We are a bridge to vital community resources and services, and those who get connected to our Community Health Worker Team can overcome this trying time and thrive!


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Share Your Story

“There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside you.” – Maya Angelo

The SCI community is full of individuals overcoming adversity and thriving. Seeing others succeed and a “frequent dose of community” can make the transition to the new normal after a spinal cord injury easier. Share your story to help others see what’s possible.

Share Your Story

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