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Bryanna S

Bryanna is in her element as a loving mom after a spinal cord injury.


Before her accident, Brianna had been thriving at her job in hiring and training. She felt everything was going well. That is until “I started going down a dark road and got involved with some old friends who didn’t have my interest at heart.” This led to a series of unfortunate decisions resulting in a car crash that would leave her paralyzed from the waist down.


Post-injury Bryanna got right into physical therapy. About half a year into this unexpected journey more surprises revealed themselves and she was “Blessed with the news I was pregnant!” She put the therapies on pause and changed her focus to being a mom. Undoubtedly her biggest passion. Bryanna also loves to cook, finding pleasure in challenging herself with new recipes and embracing the added difficulties of cooking from a wheelchair. She definitely has a few tips and tricks up her sleeve after much trial and error!


What advice would Bryanna give herself at the time of her accident?

“I would tell myself to stick with therapy and be more productive, try harder! I would also tell myself that life isn’t over, it is only just beginning! Getting injured was the worst thing that ever happened to me, I thought. But I look back now and have everything I ever wanted out of life. So I would tell myself to keep smiling and keep rolling no matter what obstacles I am faced with because I am still here and alive for a reason! So find your purpose and remind yourself of that purpose every day!”


To see more beautiful pictures of Bryanna with her son and to get some wheelchair cooking tips, check her out – @_iglide

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